Growing Together

On January 4th, 2024, we onboarded the first of three groups for the D2421 outage at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station.

In collaboration with OPG’s Indigenous Opportunities Network (ION) and the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers (CUSW), we added new valuable members to the growing IGS team.

A cornerstone of IGS’s Indigenous Engagement strategy involves collaborating with local Indigenous communities to create job opportunities, a commitment solidified through a signed letter with CUSW.

We are thankful for OPG’s ION as they continue to support us by assisting and developing skilled candidates.

Looking ahead, IGS looks forward to continued growth and investment in Indigenous recruitment and community involvement.

Cameron Lutenburg

A proud Métis community member, Cameron completed the 2-year Electrical Engineering Technician program at Durham College in 2023. Enrolled in ION, he aspires to succeed as an electrical apprentice with IGS, eager to connect with the team and expand his knowledge in the electrical and nuclear industry.

“Good things happen to hard workers, so continue to work, and if you’re not where you want to be now, it will come.” – Cameron

Sami-Jo Root-Thomson

An Ojibwa from Saugeen First Nation, Sami-Jo completed a pre-apprenticeship program for carpentry, renovation,and electrical techniques. Sami-Jo is excited to inspire other Indigenous women and looks forward to gaining skills to become the best electrician she can be.

“My message to other Indigenous candidates would be to take advantage of the programs available and never give up! Everyone is very supportive, and it’s never too late to start.” – Sami-Jo

Jenna Driscoll

Thanks to ION, Jenna transitioned to a growth-oriented role as the Senior Administrator for IGS at OPG’s Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. Born of Inuit heritage, she encourages other Indigenous workers looking for similar opportunities in the energy industry.

“To be employed by a workplace that allows you to feel safe about who you are and encourages you to be proud of is truly refreshing.” – Jenna